T8 Non-UV Yellow LED Tube Get Rid Of Ultraviolet Light Less Than 520nm

The PVTECH T8 LED yellow light tubes are specially developed for UV-photo sensible applications to blocks light below 520 nm. With tight spectrum control, this tube block all light from 0 to 520 nm for a completely UV-protected environment without compromising the illuminance needed to allow people to perform tasks comfortably, effectively and safely.

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Get rid of ultraviolet light less than 520nm
High luminance output, you can reduce the number of fixtures and appliances.
Aluminum+PC lamp housing, good heat dissipation Rotatable & Lockable end cap
Wide application:
-- Apply to UV-sensitive areas: Suitable for PCB industry, semiconductor factory, film printing, lithography, etc.
-- Apply to decorative lighting: Suitable for showrooms, bars, demonstration areas, sign lighting and entertainment stores.
-- Apply to prevent items aging: Suitable for libraries, museums , archives, etc.
-- Apply to repel insects, insects like ultraviolet light and hate yellow light.
-- Apply to food production, conducive to the fermentation of wine or food.
-- The lamps comply with U.S. FDA food plant safety certification, suitable for food factory lighting Lifespan: 50, 000hrs
-- Warranty: 5 years




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