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Cohere Newcomers, Strengthen PVTECH, PVTECH Newcomers’ Outdoor Outreach Activities

PVTECH organized a one-day outdoor outreach activity for newcomers at the Black Sister’s Farmhouse

01Cohere Newcomers, Strengthen PVTECH 

The theme of this outdoor training is " Cohere Newcomers, Strengthen PVTECH ", which aims to stimulate the potential of employees, enhance the sense of belonging of new employees, understand the importance of unity and cooperation, and strengthen the cohesion of the team through a series of well-designed outdoor training.


     Activities were held in the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of the Black Sister’s Farmhouse, with a command, the newcomers were divided into three groups, respectively, the red "Eighth Route team", "Light-chasing team", "Well-done team". Everyone enjoyed in the brainstorm for the team’s name.


02 Trust Back Drop

After the ice-breaking game "quick name-memorizing" at the beginning, the original team was formed, with the team flag, team logo, team name ...... a sense of collective honor was formed, we stood on a high platform, put our hands on each other and held a trust back drop game, totally entrusting our backs to our teammates behind us.


The sound of "We are ready!" is the trust given to those standing on the platform from the team.

03. Inception

The test of Inception is the combination of individual communication skills and teamwork, requiring individuals to describe the cards on hand in complete detail and arrange them from small to large scene combinations.



04Challenge NO.1

Challenge NO.1 brought the whole activity to the climax, from ping pong ball transfer, water bottle tossing, to trap escape. The sound of "we are the best team!” continued.

Let each team fully appreciate the similarity between work and competition, everyone is a part of the team, paying attention to cooperation, each showing their strengths and complementing each other.



05Crossing the grid

The game of crossing the grid is not set up to communicate vocally, and everyone needs to be transported to the opposite side without the help of any fixture.

The key of this game is the first person and the last person. The ending time was getting closer, and the team members sweat, leaving a voluntary sacrificing at the end of team. The instructor asked: "give up or not."图片8

The response was a decisive, "We believe we can all pass." Without any risk, all of the team passed and completed the task with the strength of the team.

Finally, the "Well-done team" with its own slogan, "PVTECH has a big success" laughed to the end and took back the crown.


Post time: Nov-25-2022